FROM THE SAZGAR DESK: Sazgar Engineering Works has a philosophy that dictates comfort, reliability and intelligent means of transportation of international quality at competitive pricing. In lieu of that philosophy, Sazgar Engineering is proud to announce introduction of the all new BAIC BJ40 PLUS in Pakistan Automotive Industry.

About BAIC Group

Beijing Automotive Industry Corp. (BAIC) is a major automobile manufacturer in China established in 1958 and headquartered in Beijing. BAIC has now developed into a large State-owned automobile enterprise group covering the R&D and manufacturing of complete vehicles, parts & components, auto services and trade, integrated mobility services, finance, investment, and general aviation. It ranks 124th on the Fortune 500 list in 2020.

BAIC Group has an international footprint with exports to more than 30 countries or regions. BAIC exports to Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, the Middle -East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, just to mention a few.  BAIC is one of the top five largest automotive groups in China with over 58 -years of history.


BAIC, among other vehicles, is launching its SUV in Pakistan under brand name of BJ40 Plus in collaboration with Sazgar Engineering. BJ40 Plus is an off-road SUV designed especially for rough terrains but has since been used for everyday city use as well, mainly because of the comfort it offers. “BJ” stands for Beijing refers to both the country’s capital and the company’s name. The BJ40 was initially introduced in 2013 with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. BJ40 S (Super), BJ40 P (Professional), BJ40 C (City), and BJ40 SE were the four models available (Special Edition). 

In 2019, it received a facelift which was named BJ40 Plus. The facelifted model features a 2.0L turbo engine and is 3 inches wider than the predecessor along with drastic revamp in exterior and interior aesthetics of the vehicle. The newer variant has enhanced the executive form of the vehicle even further. 


Because of the sheer size of BJ40 Plus, the vehicle has a very intimidating road presence. Moreover, the ultra-high anti-roll frame, with 210 millimeters of ground clearance, keeps the car from rolling over on bumpy roads. The piano painting on the vertically modeled front grilled body gives the vehicle a striking flair.

 The BJ40 Plus has LED daytime running lights and front combo headlamps. Fog lamps are also included in front and back. Furthermore, the entire interior is illuminated by monochromatic and polychromatic ambient lighting. A LED high-mounted stop lamp and an LED rear combination tail lamp are also included in the package.

 The front and back bumpers as well as majority of the exterior are plated in dazzling silver. The vehicle also has a red tow bar on the front and back. With its skid plate, rear bumper radar bracket, and front / rear bumper lower guard, the BJ40 Plus is ready and reliable for any adventure.


The interior of the BJ40 Plus is simple and bold, complementing its robust outlook. A steering control switch is located on the leather-wrapped steering wheel. For the driver’s convenience, it may be simply modified by altering its angle. Behind the steering wheel is a 10.25″ full-size LCD instrument screen with altitude, pressure, height, direction, and atmospheric pressure shown along with the ability to change themes. Driving is made easier and more convenient by the manual anti-glare internal rearview mirror.

In the BJ40 Plus, there is a 220V power outlet for charging gadgets. All of the seats are adjustable. For a more pleasant ride, all of the headrests can be adjusted and the back seats can be reclined as well making the vehicle suited for long and tiresome expeditions. The backseats of BJ40 Plus may also be flipped with 60/40 ratio to add storage capacity.

The vehicle’s front fascia houses a 12.3″ central control panel which allows one to use all multimedia services as well as the calling service. The hi-fi sound system’s 6 speakers provide a lively environment for the passengers. Two USB ports, as well as an aux input, are available for connecting or charging devices.  The BJ40 Plus also has automatic air conditioning, which is controlled by daylight sensors. It also contains a CN95 air filtration system which is designed for automotive use, to improve the air quality within the car.


The BJ40 Plus is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine that produces 218 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 320 Nm at 4500 Rpm and complemented by a six-speed automatic transmission with four driving modes: eco, comfort, sport, and snowfield. A new-generation electric part-time 4WD system is also included with modes such as 4H and 4L. 


BAIC BJ40 Plus has all of the features you’ll need for off-road as well as urban activities. The vehicle boasts many safety and driver-assistance systems to make the ride more comfortable and safe. BJ40’s sturdy body frame keeps it from rolling over and allows it to drive on tough terrain. 


All fast- and slow-moving spare parts and maintenance workshops are readily available at nine BAIC 3S Dealerships in six different cities, locations of which are as follows: 


Queen Motors Lahore (Pvt.) Ltd.

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Representative: Omer Sheikh

Address: 19-A Queens Road, Gate no 4 near sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore, Punjab.




Mobile: 0324-4677255

Hashmi & Hashmi Motors Lahore (Pvt.) Ltd.

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Representative: Umair Hashmi

Address: Barki Rd, near Paragon City, Block J Park view CHS, Lahore, Punjab.



Mobile: 0331-4439931

Noon Motors Lahore (Pvt.) Ltd.

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Representative: Usman Noon

Address: Multan Rd, near Eden Value Homes, opposite Honda Gateway, Eden Value Homes, Lahore, Punjab

Mobile: 0331-4439931

Kaira Motors Gujrat (Pvt.) Ltd.

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Representative: Ghilman Kaira

Address: Grand Trunk Rd, opposite Pace Shopping Mall Near: Servis Industries Gujrat, Gujrat, Punjab


Mobile: 0333-8403030

Haval/Baic Rawalpindi Motors (Pvt.) Ltd

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Address: Main Grand Trunk Rd, opposite Al-Shifa Eye Hospital, Kotha Kalan Morgah, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Mobile: 0333-6205064

Haval/Baic Islamabad Motors (Pvt.) Ltd.

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Address: Lower Ground Floor, Moscow Plaza, Block H Blue Area, Islamabad


Mobile: 0321-8542800

Haval/Baic Sialkot Motors (Pvt.) Ltd.

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Representative: Khaldoon Sohail

Address: Eureka Industries, 9th Km Daska Road Sialkot



Mobile: 0321-6157777

Automotive Motors Karachi (Pvt.) Ltd.

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Representative: Abdul Naeem

Address: Plot No 2-C, 12th Commercial Street, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi

Mobile: 0307-2870183

Southern Motors Multan (Pvt.) Ltd.

(Authorized Dealer BAIC)

Address: Main khanewal road, near NLC bypass chowk, Multan, Punjab

Mobile: 0310-5333884





With its unique features, and driving experience; BAIC BJ40 Plus is a magnificent addition to the Pakistani 4-wheeler market and it’s the only one of its kind. In a nutshell, BAIC BJ40 provides an unprecedented utility in SUV segment of Pakistan. A vehicle in which you can experience the comfort and intimidating road presence in an urban ride while having safety and robustness for the off-roads. In BAIC BJ40 Plus, one can truly “HAVE IT ALL”! 

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