How ambulance rickshaws can perform paramedic duties at a fraction of the cost of a traditional ambulance – an analysis on benefits of ambulance rickshaw:

How ambulance rickshaws can perform paramedic duties at a fraction of the cost of a traditional ambulance – an analysis on benefits of ambulance rickshaw:

FROM THE SAZGAR DESK:  As we continue to urbanize, we are ignoring health and safety, and as diseases/accidents evolve, so do the demand for health care facilities. This raises the demand for ambulances, which has also increased the cost of purchase and consumption. Thus, to solve this rising problem, SAZGAR offers the ambulance rickshaw, a vehicle that performs ambulance tasks at a lower cost and better utility.

Benefits of ambulance rickshaw

Although an ambulance rickshaw has several advantages, we will focus on the most significant ones in this post.

1).  Cost of fuel and maintenance / Cost of acquisition

When it comes to any vehicle, the first and foremost concern for any user is the cost; while ambulances are occasionally sponsored, these funds could be better used to improve hospital facilities; when it comes to ambulance rickshaws, there is a significant difference in cost between ambulance van and ambulance rickshaw; first, the cost of the vehicle is significantly less than that of the ambulance van; second, the fuel consumption/ mileage is much better; third, due to the small engine, maintenance costs are half that of a four-wheel vehicle.

2). Reachable in congested areas

The typical ambulance van becomes difficult to access in congested locations due to its large body width, while the ambulance rickshaw, on the other hand, is very handy and easy to drive in congested regions due to its low similar width, ambulances sometimes cannot get to emergencies fast enough. Often, first responders are unable to get patients to a hospital in a timely manner, particularly in remote areas such as villages, towns, and even congested areas of cities, because four-wheeled ambulances are not designed for such areas, however, SAZGAR’s ambulance rickshaw is designed to reach even the most remote areas with ease. 

SAZGAR began a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative to aid the environment, with the purpose of alleviating people’s problems and providing safe, economical, long-lasting, and comfortable modes of transportation. A selection of them are listed below. 

Cancer Care Hospital

SAZGAR management has donated an ambulance rickshaw to a cancer care hospital as part of its aim to protect the environment by assisting cancer patients and contributing to the environment. 

Al Khidmat Hospital

In keeping with its goal and knowledge of the importance of CSR and environmental responsibility, SAZGAR donated an ambulance rickshaw to Al Khidmat Hospital. 

Fatima Memorial Hospital

One of our major values is our company’s corporate social responsibility model. To expand our business sustainably and create a good difference, we believe in taking care of society. Our company continued this by donating a rickshaw to the Fatima Memorial Hospital. 

Concluding Remark

 If you are looking for a cheaper and reliable solution in terms of ambulance services then SAZGAR ambulance rickshaw can meet your needs. Our product is of international standards and quality so if you are looking to get one order here.